About The School  

Waterville Community Elementary School

Wisdom is sought from all stakeholders to promote a safe, successful learning environment.

All student learning is held to the highest standard and performance and will be college and career ready.

Teamwork with all stakeholders is essential in policies, procedures, and practices.

Educational opportunity for success for all students is based on data-driven curriculum decisions.

Recognition and rewarding of effort and success is used to promote self-confidence.

Values, citizenship, and respect of others enable students to be responsible, productive citizens.

Individual needs of all students are met by striving for quality education/instruction.

Learning enhanced by technology is preparing students to meet future challenges.

Learning opportunities are provided for teachers to support effective teaching and assessment.

Environment is designed to optimize student achievement

Mission Statement

The mission of the Bradley County School System is to provide an educational opportunity for every student to excel.


Vision Statement

Growing Students – Building Futures