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3rd Grade


 Parents and Students,

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Mr. G

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I grew up in this North Dakota Home 




?Record of Education?

Graduate of Minot High School,  Minot, North Dakota

Attended Minot State University

Attended Cleveland State College,  Cleveland, TN

Graduate of Lee University,  Cleveland, TN

B.S. Human Development / K-8 Education Degree

Graduate of Arkansas State University 

Master of Science in Education in Educational Theory and Practice







   Mr. G's

:Educational ExperiencesA

Education Director, Boys and Girls Club of Cleveland, Lay Street Unit.

Teacher 6th Grade, Trewhitt Elementary School, Cleveland TN

Teacher, Mathematics 6th  7th Grade, Lake Forest Middle School, Cleveland, TN

Teacher, 5th Grade, Waterville Comm. Elementary School, Cleveland TN

Teacher, 3rd Grade Waterville Comm. Elementary School, Cleveland TN


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Things About Me

I am originally from Minot, North Dakota.  I was born and raised there.  I moved to Cleveland, TN in 1991.  

I also graduated from Minot High School and attended 4 different colleges in Minot, North Dakota, Cleveland, TN, and in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  I graduated from Lee University with a B.S. in Human Development, and from Arkansas State University with a Master's of Science in Educational Theory. 

While growing up in Minot ND I had many memorable experiences.  As a boy I remember many snowy nights on my snowmobile, and many summer days on my go-cart and motorcycle.  I loved fishing with my family in an old fiberglass boat.  I spent a lot of time at my grandparents' home in Willow City ND, (population 300) and loved the countryside running through the open fields of wheat or grassy plains.  In my teens I took up hunting waterfowl and upland game in the late fall and loved it.  I have two mounted geese from ND on a wall in my home.  I learned to work hard by watching my father and mother with their careers as a carpenter and medical technician respectively. 

One memory I enjoy telling is the time I had to make a decision about going to a state diving competition with my high school swim team or my state bowling meet.  Since I could only do 10 of the 11 required dives (I was new at diving) I decided to go to the bowling meet instead.  There I won the state title in singles with a 202 average.  I was very happy I chose the bowling meet.

I grew up with a brother, Troy, and a sister, DeVawn.  My brother and I were locked in the basement when mother had had enough.  The butter knife in the door jam worked well.  But, we only got into the good kind of trouble and were respectful to our parents.   We all grew up in church and attended the Church of God church there. 

My first real summer job was working in a cabinet shop. As a senior in high school I worked at a Kmart store and did other small carpentry jobs.  I spent 5 years at that Kmart store going full time.  Later, I took a job driving a truck with a route across North Dakota.  That job had a lot of long work days with little rest.  I worked with my brother as well; he had an upholstery shop.  There I learned to recover furniture, repair vinyl, and sew on an industrial sewing machine a bit.  I also did many carpentry jobs around my town.  I finally deciced to better myself and start school. It had been five years since I graduated high school.  It was time.

After moving to Cleveland, I looked into Lee College.  I knew very few people and had to start life over in a strange new place.  That was hard to do coming from North Dakota.  I found a job at Magic Chef and I was accepted into Lee College and Cleveland State Collage, I worked many different jobs to pay for my schooling, for my parents could not help.  Here are a few of the jobs I did to pay for school: a bus driver for Cleveland City Schools and maintenance work for the schools, private property management and maintenance, painting, an assembler at Magic Chef, a stock boy at Red Food, shipping, receiving, and truck driver for St. John's Manufacturing, loader of trucks at Mckee Bakery, Education Director, many carpentry jobs on the side building decks, sheds, and project builds, and many more, what ever paid the bills and kept me in school.  Life was hard in the early years, and many things out of my control threatened my dreams of finishing school.  Money was tight.  Many times I longed for home and the good days I had there back in my wonderful home of North Dakota.  I had a family now and I knew that I could never give up.  It took hard work and perseverance, and it paid off.  I have many experiences for my age, and will talk to you about any of them, just ask.

I have worked as an educator since 1994 as I was employed as an Education Director at The Boys and Girls Clubs of Cleveland. I was hired by Bradley County School in 1996 after graduating that year.  I first worked as a 6th grade teacher at Trewhitt Elementary School, then transitioned to Lake Forest Middle School as a Math teacher, and finally to my current position as teacher at Waterville Community Elementary School; what a great job.  It was here At Waterville that I decided to earn a Master's degree.  That was hard with a family and a job, but like I said, I did not give up and completed my goal with the help of my wife and family. I plan to retire as a teacher one day and continue in my woodworking.

I am married and have 4 children and live in Bradley County near the school.  I love the Lord and am happy to be teaching and sharing my experiences.  I love my family, biking, 4 wheeling, hiking, and the great outdoors and I especially love custom woodworking and building.   I now own a business called Gunderson Woodworks and complete many woodworking jobs around Bradley County.  I still long for those good old days in North Dakota, but I am making new good old days here with my family in Cleveland TN.  I know that my ND home is always there with family waiting for my visit.  

What ever you do for good in life, do it to the best of your ability, and never give up.


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