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Subjects Taught


I attended Covenant College and attained a Master of Science degree in Business Administration.  I then attended Lee University and attained a Master of Arts Degree in Elementary Education.


I have been teaching 11 years.  I have taught Kindergarten 8 of those years and second and third grade.  My heart is in Kindergarten!!!

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My name is Lori Green Stafford.  I live on the family farm where I grew up with my husband, Denny and my daughter, Kallen and granddaughter, Josie.  We have horses, chickens, sheep, and dogs.  We love animals and spend a great deal of time playing with and taking care of the animals.

My family is a very important part of my life.  I love to spend time with  my Mother, sister, nieces, and nephews.  I owe a great deal to my Mother and Dad who have always supported me.  My Dad, Joe, is no longer with us physically but remains a constant spiritual part of my life.  The values and morals taught by  my parents are values and morals I hope to instill in the children I teach.

What they say about being a grandparent is true. Josie, my granddaughter, is the light of my life!  She is such a joy! 

Just as stones are set on a path, so is teaching for me.  The children on my path are each unique in their own way.  I believe children provide a learning experience for me. 

I believe children learn in a safe, interactive, and structured environment.  I love to sing, dance, be silly, and watch their little eyes light up when they realize they are learning!  

I am honored to be a part of the Waterville Community Elementary School and am certain you will find your child is at a wonderful place where learning is first and fun!!!


I am also blessed to have a wonderful assistant,  Mrs. Parks.  I could not accomplish all that we do without her help.  She is a great team member and the children are lucky to have her in their life!  Please be sure to visit her information and learn about her as well.

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